About Us

St Albans Gymnastics Club was founded  by Nancy and Richard, our Head Coaches.

We may have started in humble beginnings but we aim to provide a friendly but professional service. St Albans Gymnastics Club was created in order to provide fun and effective Recreational Classes for the entire surrounding area as well as a professionally structured Competition Squad training.

Our long-term plan is to eventually move into our own Professional / Full Time Facility, fully and firmly establishing ourselves as St Albans' leading professional Gymnastics Centre, although at present we feel that staying strategically sized helps us to ensure and maintain high standards of classes and training.  

Our aim is to increase the participation and awareness and to share our passion for the sport with as many people as we possibly can.  We will never stop trying to improve our services in order for us to provide a quality standard of service to the local community. 

Eventually a potential Full Time Facility that we are planning for our future will mean we can offer more budding gymnasts the spaces and opportunities to fulfill their gymnastic potential as well as other ages and types of classes we can offer.

We are currently looking for help with funding and sponsorship in order to help the club achieve this, so please bear us in mind or let us know if you, or someone you know might be able to help us.

We have had an amazing response since we first opened and would like to thank the community for the warm welcome.

The following recommendations were made anonymously on allaboutstalbans.com

"St Albans Gymnastics Club is run by great Coaches that are very professional, approachable and friendly. My daughter loves being part of the club and it has boosted her confidence so much with all the encouragement that is given by the Coaches, whether it be Recreational or Squad. New friendships have been formed with the other girls, and they all help and encourage each other. If you are looking to join a Gymnastic Club in the St Albans area I thoroughly recommend this one!" *****by Katy

"St Albans Gymnastic club has a very professional, dedicated and caring staff team. The children are treated with respect and actually have fun, as well as being pushed to be great at the sport! The girls in the gymnastic squad and in the recreational groups are encouraged to support each other and bullying is not tolerated." *****by Shaassy


"A small, friendly and welcoming gymnastics club that not only coaches gymnastics, but encourages children to have fun and really enjoy the sport. A welcome change from the other clubs available. The staff seem friendly, approachable and honest. Would definitely recomend, the children will love it!!!!!!" *****by Cathy